Our Story

There’s a dangerous movement at work in America today. The Left is demonizing men and diminishing the vital roles they play in families and communities. From a New York Times headline claiming men are becoming obsolete, to Hillary Clinton proclaiming that the future is female, the Progressive Left has declared a War on Men and Masculinity.

However, they cannot hide from the facts. 63% of youth suicides, 71% of all high school dropouts, and 85% of youths in prisons grew up in homes without a father. The idea that our families, communities, and country would be better off when men are marginalized and pushed to the side, just doesn’t make sense.

That’s why we’re launching a new media company called Lincoln & Grant. Our mission is to inspire men to pursue excellence and fight back against the war on masculinity. It’s time to bring hard-working, successful men back to our families and communities.

How We Connect

Through three methods of engagement, we will bring the most provocative minds and personalities of conservativism together with a new technology that maximizes their reach and impact. With these tools, we will reverse the left’s emasculation of American culture, give voice to a suppressed conservativism, and help make men exceptional again.


A Print and Digital Magazine

Lincoln and Grant’s web-based media and coffee table-quality print magazine will provide men with all the tools they need to achieve their personal best, always served with a dash of humor and class – but without the Progressive bias. Our content focus will hit on 6 key topic areas beginning with a focus on Politics in 2018.  As the brand grows, we will expand into Business and Investing, Style, Sex & Relationships, Life Skills, and Rewards of the Good Life.

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Technology to Amplify Our Conservative Allies

Through our unique, proprietary technology, our team will promote the voices of our partners, whom the main stream media and Silicon Valley elites are trying to silence. This technology allows us to aggregate, curate, and distribute the content from our growing coalition of those being bullied by the supposed political correctness of the Progressive Left. We begin by working with our advocacy coalition to curate the best content on the web that you should be seeing in each of our topic categories.  


Events to Bolster Our Greatest Voices

Our live events, called Lincoln Lectures, will bring you the boldest and brightest advocates of conservativism and positive masculinity. These events, also streamed online, will include established figures as well as rising stars to promote and explore every aspect of our values.  We’re already in the planning stages of our first event for September of this year.

Join Us

Do you create content for a magazine, blog, or social media that fits into our topics? Or, do you want to?  Join our content network!

©[2018] Lincoln & Grant, Inc. 

Our Mission:  Lincoln & Grant is a men’s media company that inspires patriotism, masculinity, and success. We're fighting back against the war on masculinity, by instead inspiring excellence in American Men.

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