Increasing the exposure of free market content creators and advocates


You create great content advocating for the rights, freedoms, and economic conditions that our country’s founders envisioned in the constitution. Our content recommendation system, built on strategic partnerships with websites frequently visited by your desired readers will exponentially grow your visibility and influence.

1. Aggregate

Our back-end platform allows for simple aggregation of content from your own website along with an unlimited number of other websites advocating for your cause. 

2. Curate

After content is automatically collected and sorted, you can easily filter the content to determine what content is worth sharing, disregarding what is biased, sensationalistic, or inaccurate.

3. Distribute

The system provides a simple interface for partners to review and share the curated content on their website, social media pages, via email, or even directly to partner sites.

4. Amplify

Customized content promotion tools strategically placed on various media and partner sites leverage visitor data profiles to identify and promote your most relevant content, natively.


We’ve all seen the ads. You read a great article on your favorite website and at the bottom of the article, you see a heading for other recommended content. However, instead of seeing anything you’re actually interested in, you see ads about the latest magic weight loss pill or celebrity gossip. Our coalition creates more meaningful recommendations by promoting content from liberty-minded think tanks, media outlets, commentators, analysts, and policy-makers.  Using our data-driven algorithms, we ensure that each reader is recommended the content more relevant to them.

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